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May 28, 2023

Innovating a Mutually Beneficial Hiring Process

From both sides of the spectrum, hiring is neither easy nor effortless.

According to Pew Research, more than half of job seekers use four or more different resources in their job search. A seeker’s search typically lasts five months before they secure a job. This lengthy application process can be discouraging from a seeker’s standpoint. They begin to settle for positions and companies that do not fit their desired pay, lifestyle, and work environment, which places many people in unsustainable careers that they are dissatisfied with.

Hiring is no simple task for employers either. Forbes reports that, on average, a job listing receives 118 applications. While applicant tracking system software can perform a baseline analysis of applications, in an increasingly talented workforce, it’s difficult to weed out applicants who may still be qualified and competitive. Filling entry-level positions is a task in and of itself. Research from The Rockefeller Foundation shows that while 97% of employers agree that entry-level jobs are central to their success, 43% of employers say their biggest challenge in filling entry-level jobs is bringing in applicants.

Trailblaze is proud to pioneer a mutually beneficial solution to the hurdles of hiring. Enter your description

Trailblaze For Job Seekers

Trailblaze effectively eliminates the challenges of a strenuous job search.

First, we consolidate all stages of the search into one platform. Without Trailblaze, seekers switch from site to site applying for various jobs through various platforms. This type of job search is not just outdated, but unorganized and inefficient as well. It’s inevitable for seekers to lose track of their applications and grow tired of having to navigate so many different platforms. Alternatively, Trailblaze brings hundreds of listings onto one platform. From surfing job listings to submitting applications to communicating with employers, our app houses all the features a seeker could need to find a job that’s the perfect fit for them.

Second, we emphasize finding jobs that fulfill all of a seeker’s wants and needs. On the app, users can turn on their location services to be shown job openings that are geographically nearest to them. Every listing displays information about the position’s requirements, pay, and benefits, so users can be sure they’re applying for a job that appeals to them. If a seeker has questions or concerns about a listing, Trailblaze rids them of the burden that is searching the web for company phone numbers and emails. Users can simply chat with employers directly from within the app, facilitating quick and user-friendly communication that is essential to expediting the hiring process.

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Trailblaze For Employers

We differentiate ourselves from other job platforms by taking our benefits a step further and extending them to employers.

Trailblaze’s unique specificity to high school and college students and first-time workers makes our app the prime place for employers to reach entry-level job seekers. Employers who use Trailblaze have a rare advantage to tap into new and unrecognized talent before other employers can reach this demographic.

We recognize how difficult it is to attract and retain entry-level workers, which is why we make joining Trailblaze easy. We require minimal information to join our platform and pride ourselves on giving specialized and undivided attention to employers to satisfy their company-specific hiring goals.

Additionally, our built-in application tracking system, job management tools, and analytic tracking enhance employers’ abilities to gauge which jobs are being filled and what demographics they are reaching. As Trailblaze only continues to develop and upgrade our employer dashboard, employers who use Trailblaze can always rest assured that their hiring process is continually improving. Enter your description

A Synergistic Relationship

Given the host of helpful features we offer to both sides of hiring, we foster synergy between seekers and employers. From entry-level workers to senior leadership, employees are the backbone of companies. Seekers and employers alike must be able to communicate effectively and make the hiring decisions that best benefit them. Only by doing so can we truly achieve a mutually beneficial hiring process.

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