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July 21, 2022

Grindstone Is Now Trailblaze

Trailblaze Logo

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that Grindstone is now Trailblaze. This evolution aligns with our redefined vision and direction – to provide first-time job seekers with ample opportunities in one centralized place and employers with a direct line to the next generation of workers.

We are confident that this new identity will resonate with our user base and excel us into the company’s next chapter. We look forward to bringing all our users on this journey as we trailblaze the next generation’s professional platform.

Our Start

Trailblaze was initially founded as Grindstone - the student jobs platform. This began as a high school project to connect friends with opportunities in their local community. We recognized that it was incredibly difficult for students and young adults to break into the workforce and kickstart their careers. Current platforms failed to form a connection with first-time workers and provide them with adequate opportunities.

Original Grindstone Mockups

As this project quickly evolved into a company, in 2021, we formed Grindstone Software Inc and began our journey to build a mobile-centric platform here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Employers saw the opportunity to tap into this once unreachable demographic, and the platform began seeing rapid growth. At this stage, the company launched its first fundraising round and started working on the final version of the Grindstone app.

Over this past year, we have worked to maintain and grow our mobile app, and with over 10,000 users in the Bay Area, we are ready to move into our next phase.

Our New Direction

Through community feedback, we recognize that our original focus on gig opportunities did not provide our users with diverse career options. Furthermore, interactions within today's marketplaces fail to resonate with our userbase, which needs a more personalized experience.

With this feedback in mind, we have redefined our mission to fill the first-time employment vertical for upper-classmen high schoolers and college students. Providing them with a more integrated, interactive, and content-centric experience.

Trailblaze Logo

Similarly, we identified a need to provide our employers with deeper analytics and the freedom to scale their jobs rapidly, which ensures an efficient and effective recruitment process.

Our New Brand

As we embark down this trail, we felt a need to expand our horizons.

Today, we announce our new identity as Trailblaze

Definition of trailblaze

Similar to the definition, we believe all our users have the capability to construct the initial foundations of their future professions. As our users trailblaze through their early careers, we will continue supporting them with the necessary tools and opportunities to succeed.

What the Future Holds

In an effort to make Trailblaze as accessible as possible, we are rapidly expanding across all platforms to give everyone an opportunity to tap into the network. We will have a suite of new products and services built for web and mobile in the near future. Furthermore, with our renewed focus on content-centric experiences, users will have access to a more interactive and enjoyable job-seeking process.

Similarly, employers need better solutions to parse through the plethora of applicants and listings in their accounts. By utilizing modern technologies, we can eliminate the guesswork of the recruitment process and supply results efficiently. Larger employers also require more integrated team management systems across all platforms for their organizations. By building Trailblaze for Businesses we will give recruiters the upper hand when it comes to tapping into this new market.

With this new brand and vision, we look forward to all that is to come. We hope to expand our product line and availability on all platforms globally. As we continue iterating, we will work closely with our Trailblaze community to ensure a platform that meets everyone's needs.

We are so grateful for your support as we continue to expand. Our team looks forward to collaborating further with the fantastic community we have fostered.

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