February 23, 2023

Navigating the New Normal: Finding a Job in the Post-COVID Era

Enter your description COVID-19’s impact on the US workforce is undeniable.

  • An estimated 315 million to 1.05 billion worker days were lost due to COVID

  • The number of job openings outweighs the number of unemployed people nearly 2:1

  • 80% of employees believe their pay isn’t keeping up with inflation

As companies rush to make up for productivity losses by hiring new workers, employers are turning to college and high school students to fill positions. Nowadays, finding a job isn’t the hard part– finding one that fulfills everything you want in a job is. Employers and job seekers alike need tools that have adapted to the post-COVID era.

Digitizing the Process

Walking into a store and walking out with a paper job application in hand is a thing of the past. The number of Americans who take their job hunt online has doubled in the last 10 years. Perhaps predictably, COVID only further digitized the hiring process. Now more than ever, employers require speedy, centralized technology that facilitates the review of applications and communication with applicants. Similarly, for job-seekers, this technology ensures they traverse the application and interview stages with greater efficiency.

Especially for our target demographic, college and high school students, digitizing this process is essential. Generation Z is more comfortable and confident with technology than any previous generation. It is our firm belief that every job applicant deserves to feel comfortable and confident on their path to securing their dream job.

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Working Remotely

Between 2019 and 2021, the number of Americans who work remotely tripled. Eliminating the constraint of commuting, working from home gives employees the freedom to work for any employer regardless of proximity. As a result, the number of job opportunities increases exponentially. Choice of work environment, improved work-life balance, limited stress and heightened flexibility scrape only the surface of the benefits of remote work. It’s no wonder millions of workers have made the switch to online.

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Remote work breaks the distance between job seekers and employers. With a larger pool of job opportunities, job seekers have greater freedom to apply to positions that appeal to all their employment wants and needs. As experts project that remote work will only continue to grow, Trailblaze is determined to establish more connections with remote employers and grow the number of remote work listings available on our platform.

The New Normal

While COVID had grave repercussions for businesses, it also transformed the job seeking journey. College and high school students are trailblazing the way for future generations to take advantage of a uniquely digitized workforce that caters to their unique relationship with technology. Embracing these opportunities is essential to adapting to our new normal.

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