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February 13, 2023

Breaking Into Boston

After two years of offering top-grade job placement in the Bay Area, Trailblaze is proud to announce our expansion into Boston.

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Our New Target Demographic

As we grow coast to coast, our company’s mission is adapting. College students account for 20% of Boston’s population. Rather than narrowing our target demographic to high school students, we’ve adopted a wider vision that taps into young adults’ need to financially support themselves through higher education and into the workforce. Enter your description

Searching for work in a big city is intimidating. Various companies have various requirements and processes for applications, exerting extra pressure on students navigating an already competitive workforce. For college students, their first job is the first step in trailblazing their professional life. Finding a position at a company that matches their values and provides upward career mobility is integral. Satisfying these needs, Trailblaze poses an easy and accessible approach to finding employment.

Our Strategy

We anticipate partnering with regional Massachusetts chains, whose open job opportunities will be published on our platform. Trailblaze users can surf the available positions and apply for any that match their desired hours, pay and experience. By directly connecting employers and potential employees, Trailblaze effectively creates and fosters a mutually beneficial relationship. Enter your description

Our Vision

With our expansion implemented, we envision a greater connected Boston workforce, wherein first-time job seekers are equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to market themselves to a wide variety of employers, find job opportunities that match their interests, and grow as professionals all on one platform. Consolidating these features into one app is a unique advantage that Trailblaze is thrilled to extend to a new demographic. Enter your description

Above all, we look forward to building close relationships with the local Boston community. Understanding the needs of our users is of the utmost importance, and our efforts to connect with our surrounding community will reflect this. We hope Trailblaze will leave a lasting, meaningful impact by revolutionizing the way employers and job seekers communicate. Trailblaze success stories from Bay Area users reinforce our confidence in our ability to make our mark on Boston.

Looking to the Future

Trailblaze users can expect to see Boston job listings on the platform. In the coming weeks, our social media will undergo a revamp, a key step forward in our initiative to more closely connect with our clientele. In-person events are also to come in the near future. We are incredibly excited to break into Boston and kickstart this new chapter of growth.

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